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Livin it up & Keepin it down


Hope it was lit fam. When the lights turn down, the sun comes up and it's time to face the music of all the bad decisions you made last night, this blend will be waiting for you. With notes of citrus, to kill those gnarly waves of nausea, the power of blueberry leaf tea, and Brahmi, "The Herb of Grace" this blend was crafted to ease the stress that "modern living" can put on the body and encourage a release of toxins, to get you in shape for Monday morning!


*This blend features "Brahmi". Learn more about Brahmi, on our Adaptogens page, under wellness.

After Par-Tea

  • Blueberry Leaf, Brahmi, milkthistle, butterfly pea, honeybush, beetroot, hibiscus, elderberries, lemon peel, apple pieces, rose hips, calendula, cornflower, natural essences.

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