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Balance, Soothe & Restore: A Preventative and Restorative Blend. For All Women


Feminine energy and anything that it encompasses, emits a "Receiving" energy. Our

hearts receive inspiration and the womb is an incubator for all our ideas and creations. Feminine energy gives us the ability to take something and learn it, nurture it, heal it and appreciate it. Whether that something is good or bad and the key is, to surrender. To receive all things with an open heart and use our creative power to make the best of it all. 


*This blend features "Shatavar'"'. Learn more about Shatavari, on our Adaptogens page, under wellness.


  • Blueberry leaf, raspberry leaf, shatavari, passionflower, skullcap, lemon balm, oatstraw, elderberries, rose petals, natural essences.

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