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 Tea for Two: A Calming Blend for Nausea, Nourishment and Feminine Balance.


You are on your way to doing something that is divinely superhuman. This comforting blend of herbs designed to support mamas like you through their pregnancies, to relieve morning sickness and uplift the spirit. Oat Straw helps to calm the body by easing the nerves and keeping the reproductive organs

healthy. This calcium rich herb promotes the strengthening of capillaries, which can prevent varicose veins! This blend also features Ginger and a delicate fruit essence, to soothe nausea.


*This blend does Not Contain Blueberry Leaf, as its ability to

lower blood sugar mav not be ideal for preanant women.


  • Honeybush, beetroot, hibiscus, elderberries, apple pieces, rosehips, cornflower, organic ginger, organic oatstraw, organic rose petals.

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